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 Cannabis in Africa – Where did Dagga come from?

History of Cannabis in Africa

History of Cannabis in Africa

Five hundred years ago, some white men found themselves in the jungles near the Cape of Good Hope. They were “discovered” by the aborigines who took them to their chief. After the greeting ceremony that required genuflection and perhaps even prostration, and after the chief had made his position of authority amply clear; these men were entertained. They were offered food, and… bangue – an intoxicating drink made of the leaves and flowers of

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Lord Shiva loves cannabis, loves it not; loves cannabis, loves it not…


Lord Shiva, inspired by cannabis?

Lord Shiva loves Bhang.

This is a statement that raises the hackles of some Hindus, who vehemently deny that Lord Shiva has anything to do with bhang. The fact that Shiva-worshippers consume bhang as part of a religious rite and that Shiva’s devotees celebrate his wedding night by consuming bhang; and even the possibility that Shiva dwelled in the Himalayas where cannabis grows in the wild; all of it is brushed aside by the cynics.

Where’s the proof? They ask.
Which ancient text supports the connection between Lord Shiva and Cannabis?

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The Hippie Trail or the Quest for Cannabis and Peace

Kashmir Trail Quest for Cannabis

The Quest for Mother Natures Finest Creations on the “Hippie Trail”!

There was a time when you could get into a bus in London and reach Delhi. The bus would take you to Turkey; then through Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, it would finally arrive in Kashmir, India. But those were different times. That was the time when Afghanistan was an apparently peaceful and secular country; when Pakistan wasn’t infested with terrorists; and when Kashmir indeed was heaven on earth. Those were the 60s and the 70s, when….

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 The Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Sheet to Build a Greenhouse

cs benefits polycarbonate greenhouse 125x125

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Benefits

A high quality greenhouse covered with multi-wall polycarbonate sheets provides numerous benefits to the grower. The material has very good insulating values that allows the grower to start their season earlier and finish later in the year. Additionally, polycarbonate sheeting provides security from vandals as well as protection from nuisance pests. It allows the grower total control of their growing environment.

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Looking Back, MJ Links Best Marijuana Strains of 2015!

sublime_marijuana strain_125x125_mjlinks

Top Marijuana Strains 2015

Even in the continued repressive shadow of federal prohibition, the marijuana industry is flourishing and continues to blossom. Many new and unique marijuana strains continue to be developed on an almost daily basis. So standing out from the crowd and establishing a strain as a staple in the marketplace can be quite an accomplishment in itself, let alone becoming one of the top ten preferred varieties.

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 Sufis and Their Historical Connection with Cannabis (Hashish)

cs swirling dervish sufis 2305065

Sufi’s, Hippies of Islam

Sufis, who some call the hippies of Islam, have a history that is about a millennium old. The fact that Sufis are in some way connected to cannabis, is a matter of common knowledge, and yet, the mystery that shrouds the mystical ascetic called the sufi saint also hides the details of this connection.

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The Big Lie and the True Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

cs marijuana tax revenues and more 125x125

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

The “trickle up” effect is often the exact opposite of the type of stimulation the establishment promotes.  Many folks in government believe that jobs can only be created by the largest corporations and hence should receive preferential treatment and handouts of the American taxpayer.  But many of us know better and we realize now that the “trickle down” effect is a just farce that is used to divert even more of Americans wealth out of our country and into the hands of the largest corporations.

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Cannabis in China – The Past, Present, and Future of Ma!

csp chinese ma 9011035

History of Cannabis in China

China has the longest recorded historical association with cannabis, and yet today a Chinese citizen can be arrested for possessing cannabis. While a foreigner would more often than not be forgiven for a similar lapse, the locals are expected to obey the law that keeps them away from something that is….

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Alcohol, Not Marijuana Causes Brain Shrinkage

cs alcohol not marijuana shrinks brain 6428487

Marijuana Increases Neuron Connections

Around the end of 2014 the American Medical Association’s journal “Archives of General Psychiatry” published a propaganda piece claiming that marijuana caused brain shrinkage in regular users. But it was later discovered that the Australian outfit who was responsible for producing the false report apparently failed to include critical information in its “study” before announcing its final conclusion.  This isn’t surprising to anyone who is already familiar with the AMAs and its supporters antics.

But not long afterwards an amazing thing happened!

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Marijuana’s Egyptian Connection – Medicinal, Mythological, or Mythical?

cs egypt cannabis history 13041417

Cannabis in Ancient Egypt

I am a huge fan of Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian series. The protagonist of this series is a eunuch called Taita. Taita is a doctor, a master-strategist, an architect, a weapon designer, a magician – all rolled into one. The series is a work of fiction, but it presents a vivid picture of the way of life c.1700 B.C. (the time the Hyksos are said to have invaded Egypt.) While reading Warlock, I stumbled upon this passage:

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Rastafarianism – The Religion of Peace and Respect

cs rasta man rastafarian 9361789

Him Must Like Mary Jane!

Many folks mistake Rastafarianism as a culture of “potheads” and “druggies” But that couldn’t be farther from the truth and in fact most practicing Rasta’s refrain from using toxins and hard drugs such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and even caffeine, and tobacco.

Marijuana is viewed as a spiritual substance that expands the mind and provides prophetic

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Given By The Gods and Enjoyed on Festivals: Bhang ki Thandai is Marijuana at its Best!

cs bhang ki thandai marijuana 17796147

Some refer to Cannabis as “The Tree of Life”


That was the reaction I got from one of my Indian friends, when I told her that legalization of marijuana is a hot topic being debated in the US.

While the world debates the legalization of Marijuana, twice every year, Indians get high on bhang or more specifically….

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Marijuana, Big Pharmas Next $1000 Pill?

ca big pharma 3914889

Big Pharma holds 1600+ Marijuana related US Patents

While millions of people are constantly harassed, arrested, and imprisoned over the blatant lie that marijuana has no medical value, big pharma as if by magic “discovers new” cannabinoids and creates several varieties of synthetic marijuana knock offs.

But how can this be you say? If marijuana has no medical benefits as evidenced by its decades long classification as a Schedule I substance. Then how is it even possible that big pharma and co has received not 1, not 100, not 1000, but…

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DEA Issues Warning About Stoned Bunny Rabbits

cs moose with munchies 14147634

Moose with Munchies

Don’t laugh, this is a very serious issue, maybe. Im not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy skit or if the anti marijuana crowd is just getting that desperate now. But DEA special agent just warned the Utah State Senate (yes at an official hearing no less) that allowing individuals to grow marijuana outdoors could have dangerous and potentially terrifying results.

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Historic Marijuana Bill Will Legalize At Federal Level

cs historical marijuana bill 15999397

Marijuana History continues to be made!

Its only February and the pro marijuana crowds are already making historical progress. In a first ever, several senators introduced a bill that would legalize medical marijuana on the federal level. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and Rand Paul (R-KY) are spearheading the “Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act” and if successful will finally bring an end to the war on medical marijuana.

Successful passage of the bill would not force states to adopt medical marijuana laws but would provide protection for those who choose to have them. Passage would also allow

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2014 Was A Very Good Year For Marijuana!

cs 2014 very good year for marijuana 17183941

Marijuana Tax Payday

While the good folks in Amsterdam are probably scratching their heads wondering where the other half of their tourist industry went, Colorado is lapping it up with $700,000,000 in taxable sales and counting.

Lots of forward positive momentum in the marijuana industry this past year and 2015 is shaping up to be even better!.

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Representatives Introduce Two Bills To Legalize Marijuana At Federal Level

cs legalize marijuana 18007012

H.R. 1013 moves to end prohibition.

On February 20, 2015 Representatives Jared Polis (D-CO) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced two bills that if passed will legalize and tax marijuana at the federal level. H.R. 1013 is called the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, and would remove marijuana from the DEAs list of controlled substances. H.R. 1014, the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act of 2015, would impose a tax on non medical marijuana at the federal level.

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63 Year Old Man Takes Psilocybin And Describes “Magic Mushroom” Trip

cs psilocybin magic mushroom 9449660

Psilocybe Cubensis “Magic Mushrooms”.

As part of a science experiment 63 year old Eddie Marritz agreed to take psilocybin, the main ingredient in “magic mushrooms” that makes you hallucinate. He then describes the event in vivid detail and explains how it has permanently altered his perception of life and his ability to deal with stress.

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Life Sentence Based On A Known And Indisputable Lie

cs prohibition is based on a fraud 10594364

Marijuana Prohibition aka “The Big Lie”

Is Marijuana a cure For Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease? According to US Government Marijuana Patent # 6630507 this may very well be true. And if this is the case then human beings are having their lives taken from them and are being placed in federal prisons based on an open, blatant, and indisputable lie. What that act amounts to I’ll leave up to others to decide.

And yet this one patent is just the tip of the iceberg and is just one of hundreds of similar patents just like it. But let’s start with the big lie first.

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Marijuana News – A Brighter Light Emanates From The White House

cs prohibition is a failure 13922579

Drug Czar Michael Botticelli, “Respect The States”.

Finally someone with foresight, common sense and experience speaks out in defense of the majority! You know progress is being made and the tides are finally turning when the White House Drug Czar comes out in support of marijuana legalization. Michael Botticello, a man of obvious superior intellect announced on Friday that although he doesn’t agree with ending prohibition, that Washington DC should be able to legalize marijuana as the people voted and without federal intervention. His comments are in response to the people of DC voting in favor of legalizing marijuana only to have a big pharma mole hide a line in the 2015 budget forbidding DC from using its own money to begin the legalization process.

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Dinosaurs From Bygone Era Still Dazed And Confused On The Topic Of Marijuana

cs caveman on drugs 3947526Two relics from the early 19th century are still alive and well and apparently writing books on subjects about which they obviously have little to no modern knowledge about.

Some of the highlights include the claim that marijuana has become more dangerous because the average potency has increased. They then proceed to compare marijuana from decades ago to a 12 ounce glass of beer, and modern marijuana to a 12 ounce glass of 90 proof hard liquor. But who consumes hard liquor at the same rate that they consume beer or wine? So just as people tend to self regulate different strengths of alcohol, people also self regulate how much marijuana they consume based on potency. The effects of smoked marijuana kick in fairly quickly, so it doesn’t take long to know when you’ve had enough.

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Nebraskans Angry Because Imported Weed Replaced By Made In America Marijuana?

cs made in the usa csp8661957

Nebraska politicians angry because criminal cartels no longer supply Nebraskas centuries old marijuana industry and have been replaced by domestic grown weed from Colorado. As odd as this sounds it is apparently true! Perhaps its just jealousy? afterall Colorado’s raking in the cash now, tourism is up, millions of sq. feet of once vacant warehouse space is in high demand, and construction activities to build new warehouses, retail spaces and growing facilities are on the rise. Life is good in the mile high state! Join in or be left behind, the choice is up to each state now.

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Au Naturale or Synthetic? Feinstein & Grassley On Legal Weed

cs drug warrior 125x190

Two confused relics from the dinosaur era are still vehemently opposing the re-legalization of  marijuana, for everyone except of course their friends at big pharma. I’m not sure what these individuals fascination is or why they seem to show favoritism for the synthetic marijuana market, but considering the facts and thousands of years of human history, the publics health doesn’t seem to have anything to do with.

To our knowledge, there has been no deaths involving marijuana overdoses in over 5,000 years of recorded history. If we missed one please feel free to forward that information along to us so that we can insure that future reporting on this topic is accurate.

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Loyal Representative Defiantly Moves Forward With DC Marijuana Legalization

cs flip the bird sativex 125x98In 2014 the public voted in favor to legalize the possession of up to 2 ounces of marijuana and the cultivation of up to 6 plants by adults in our nations capital. Then some crud ball decided to hide a few lines of legislation in the 1000+ page 2015 budget that directly conflicts with the peoples wishes.

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Switzerland Moves Swiftly Towards All Out Cannabis Legalization

cs peace of marijuana 125x125As of Oct. 01, 2013, the possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis by anyone over the age of 18 became a civil offense similar to a traffic ticket with a 100 Franc fine ($112 USD).

Now just 14 months later, Switzerland is making history again in an attempt to make the recreational use and cultivation of marijuana legal for adults. The minister of the health department fully supports the move citing UNICEF and other studies that prove that legalization leads to a reduction in the use of hard drugs as well as marijuana itself.

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Marijuana and Madness

cs medical marijuana montage 125x125This is an excellent and vast resource for tomes of marijuana related information. Some of the topics covered include the physiological and psychological effects of marijuana, the pharmacology of the endocannabinoid system, as well as many other health related topics involving cannabis. Be forewarned that much of the information provided in the following link is mind numbingly boring but is an excellent resource for medical professionals or researchers.

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Sheriffs Group Plan To Oppose Majority Opinion On Marijuana Legalization

cs sherrifs oppose cannabis legalization 125x116Despite majority opinion a group of sheriff’s have reaffirmed their opposition to marijuana legalization efforts and are determined to keep marijuana illegal. They have apparently become very protective of the ill gotten money flowing into their coffers, and the never ending stream of easily managed, tax paying citizens filling their private prisons.

And why not? the current forfeiture laws are a literal goldmine for LE agencies around the country. A seed or a stem is currently enough to justify a full blown home invasion or confiscating someones vehicle to pad a lux pension fund.

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Marijuana Vending Machines Coming To A Town Near You?

cs marijuana vending machines 124x124According to an article by Steve Elliot, a Canadian marijuana businessman wants to install marijuana vending machines in clinics, and dispensaries.  Several have already been installed in at least one shop in Canada. Put $4.00-$6.00 in the machine and out pops a plastic bubble with a small sample of “Cotton Candy”, “Purple Kush” or any number of other select strains of Cannabis.

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Australian Establishment Busts 214 Festival Attendees

cs drunk viking 125x192Apparently Australia is intent on moving ass backwards in the “war on herbs”. While other countries move forward with saner, safer, and less hypocritical drug laws, Australia is still sicking the attack dogs on the pot smoking public. Not a very encouraging way to start 2015!

At a recent music festival, police in Australia sent in 100s of officers with drug sniffing dogs and arrested well over 200 people. Of course violence inducing drugs such as booze was still ok, as was hillbilly heroin and other dangerous pharmaceuticals as long as they we’re accompanied by a prescription. With 100’s of 1000s of outlets peddling booze you’d think they would have something better to do with their time.

Squad commander Stewart Bell states that “the number of people arrested is extremely concerning and shows that the public is still not getting the message”. Perhaps the fact that dangerous drugs such as booze & big pharmas hillbilly heroin (aka oxycontin) still flows freely through state approved outlets has something to do with the “public still not getting it”

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Federal Ruling Legalizes Marijuana Production on Native American Lands

cs native american growing marijuana 125x125Reasonable conditions apply such as no sales to minors or in states where marijuana laws have yet to be modernized. Many tribes opposed the move and have stated that they have no interest in growing marijuana. That will all change once they realize that opportunities such as this come but once in a lifetime.

This latest move by the Feds provides the Native American population an opportunity to earn an honest and substantial income and an honorable way to take their people out of poverty. Hopefully they recognize it for what is it and run with it while the industry is still in its infancy stages. Competition will become fierce as more countries around the world realize what a huge mistake prohibition is.

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Congress Passes Legislation Banning Federal Interference in Medical Marijuana States

cs medical marijuana legislation 125x125As part of the 2015 budget package just passed through the House and Senate, federal agencies are now forbidden from interfering with medical marijuana businesses. The new rules only apply in those states where medical marijuana has been legalized.

This might not seem like much to those solely interested in regaining their right to choose a safer recreational intoxicant. But this is huge news both reaffirming state rights and protecting a large segment of the movement.

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“Burner Phone” App – Privacy, Inexpensive, & Convenient

hemp oil 124x136Cheap, disposable phone numbers, use them and lose them. Protect your privacy and your personal information. With so many of our personal details interconnected now, merely exposing your phone number can reveal much more about you.

A new app allows users to generate a phone number that can send and receive calls and text messages. Use it for special events, social media or when communicating with people you’d rather not reveal your personal number to.

Used by teachers, ebay sellers, law enforcement, event promoters, privacy seekers, new businesses and more. The cost of the service is very reasonable and is a small price to pay to regain some of your privacy again.

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International Narcotics Control Board Oppose Marijuana Legalization Efforts

cs whatever 126x100

The Vienna based International Narcotics Board opposes marijuana legalization efforts. Luckily for us the USA is a sovereign nation who’s citizens decide their own laws. Their concerns parrot the same ridiculous excuses and lies that we’ve all become so tired of hearing. More claims of inadequate testing and not enough understanding of the effects, blah, blah, blah. Yet somehow while facing inadequate testing and studies, hundreds of marijuana related medical patents have been granted and big pharma & co. has already managed to bring several synthetic marijuana concoctions to market.

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JAMA Article Discusses End of Year Results of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

cs colorado marijuana legalization 125x125

The Journal of the American Medical Association released a one sided article summarizing the results of Colorado’s year long experiment involving marijuana legalization. The article, not surprisingly appears to focus entirely on the negative aspects alone. The good news is that as hard as they try to discredit the movement the evidence they bring forth isn’t very convincing!

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Medical System Destroys Family For Having A Baby

cs million dollars 125x159

The most recent victim making headlines this week is a family facing the choice of either filing for bankruptcy and losing everything they have. Or getting sued and losing everything they have. Their crime? having a baby in America. The hospital billed them almost 1 million dollars for a 6 week stay. How does anyone justify charging someone $165,000 per week for a bed at a hospital? And why have we allowed this to go on for so long?

For the sake of remaining on topic. This is exactly what the medical establishment would like to do with marijuana and marijuana extracts. Give them the opportunity and they will turn medical marijuana into a $100,000 treatment as well.

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Cannabis Extract Can Have Dramatic Effect On Brain Cancer

cs medical marijuana 125x125

Scientists at the University of St. George’s London research shows that Cannabis extracts when coupled with radiation therapy dramatically shrinks and even completely eliminates brain cancer tumors. This revelation is nothing new to those who have studied this topic for any amount of time. In fact, many other similar studies from reputable sources such as David University and John Hopkins have shown that cannabinoids (one of the active ingredients in marijuana) has similar effects on other types of cancer as well, and without the need for radio therapy treatments.

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Americas First Marijuana Auction In Generations

cs marijuana auction fireweed 125x125Fireweed Farms just held the first public auction of recreational grade marijuana in recent history.  The event took place in Washington state and netted $600,000 in sales on 300 pounds of high grade smoke.  Not bad for a 4 month growing season!  And even better, those who didn’t directly participate in this event still benefitted from it.  How did the general public benefit you say? By keeping $600,000 right here in the USA to be spent in our own communities.  Previously, before saner laws were enacted, all of that money would have been palletized and shipped out of the country and into the hands of criminal elements.

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Colorado’s Health Officials Move to Ban Most Marijuana Edibles

cs marijuana edibles muffins 125x125

Substances such as big pharmas “hillbilly heroin”, aka Oxycontin are some of the most addictive and dangerous drugs on the planet.  Even the withdrawal complications can lead to death.  These same painkillers come conveniently packaged as tiny tablets that are small enough for a child to pick up and swallow with little effort.

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Drug Education 101 – Booze Is A Drug!

cs drunk woman alcohol is a drug 125x125This is just one of many interesting statistics the establishment would prefer you not see. 4,348 children will try alcohol for the first time today. Thousands of these children will die every year due to alcohol overdose.

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Washington, DC Legalizes Marijuana

cs confused politician 125x125

Confused authorities suggest Maryland and neighboring states will see an increase in pot coming into their own states as a result of legalization measures moving forward in our nations capitol. But legalizing marijuana doesn’t increase the number of users, just like prohibition hasn’t decreased the number of users. It just keeps all of the money in our own neighborhoods.

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US Government Drags Feet – Other Countries Move To Legalize Marijuana

cs corruption and prohibition 125x125Special interest groups from big pharma and big brewers continue to apply pressure on the peoples “representatives” to continue marijuana prohibition citing “lack of sufficient studies and documentation”.  But for some reason the “lack of sufficient studies” hasn’t stopped them from pushing their own dangerous synthetic concoctions and successfully bringing several to market.

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One Person Dies Every 10 Seconds From Alcohol Overdose: WHO

cs dead drunk alcohol overdose 125x125

The World Health Organization reports that one person dies from alcohol overdose every 10 seconds, surpassing the number of deaths caused by AIDs, tuberculosis and violence combined!

Why do our elected neighbors not show the same concern for a literal epidemic of alcohol related deaths as they do trying to regulate non toxic herb’s such as marijuana? Wheres the outrage? Where are the calls for tighter regulations and more oversight? Why the silence while 3.2 million people per year overdose on booze?

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See How Your Candidate or Representative Stands on Marijuana Legalization

cs revealing secrets 125x125Thinking about voting for someone in a local or national election and curious about how they stand on a particular topic?.

Here is a quick and easy way to find out how each of them voted on everything from marijuana legalization initiatives, to net neutrality, to the patriot act.

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