The Big Lie And The True Benefits of Marijuana Legalization


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Lately there have been a lot of news stories circulating relating to marijuana legalization that focuses entirely on how much money the state can generate in sales taxes.  But tax revenues alone are just one small part of the equation.

Many folks don’t realize just how big the illicit trade in marijuana actually is.  In fact, marijuana is America’s most important cash crop, being more valuable than both corn and wheat combined.  Losing either of those markets would have a devastating effect on our economy.  So adding another industry that generates even more cash would obviously have a profound and stimulating effect like most of us have never experienced in our lifetimes.

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First Country To End Prohibition Is The First Country Out of Recession

It appears, at least to some of us that the powers that be realize this too.  But rather than opening the doors and creating opportunity for millions of America’s citizens, they still insist on suppressing our options while giving their cronies and friends around the world a head start to insure that this too will turn into another monopolized industry that will benefit only a small handful of privileged individuals. The hundreds of medicinal marijuana related patents that have been granted to various groups while the general population is imprisoned based on lies that contradict science is evidence of this. While Americans are forced to stand on the sidelines listening to the same old regurgitated lies, the rest of world is moving forward with legalization initiatives.  And, if Americans don’t stand up and insist on smarter laws regarding recreational intoxicants then America’s citizens will be left out of one of the most lucrative markets on the planet.

Marijuana legalization would also reduce the amount of money flowing to dangerous criminal enterprises.  Its been said that the criminal groups controlling the illicit trade in drugs and recreational intoxicants derive 70% of their income from marijuana sales. Which according to the latest headlines have been using that money to buy up and take over legitimate industries that are critical to national security (mining, fuel, communications companies, etc).  This is a terrifying but not so surprising revelation.  The current situation obviously has the potential to do more damage to our country than any so called terrorist could ever dream of doing.  Once a criminal organization has taken control of a country’s critical resources, then that opens the door to all types of potential abuses and corruption.  These same criminal elements have become way too powerful and now threaten the very existence of free and democratic societies everywhere.  The only way to stop them is to cut off their source of income.

Ending prohibition would result in literally truck loads of cash being injected into every level of our society, all the way from the local corner mom and pop shop all the way up to the largest of companies.  Truckloads of cash which are currently being palletized and shipped south of the border would stay right here in our own country.  The end result would be a “trickle up” effect which would have profound, stimulating and long lasting positive effects on our economy.

The “trickle up” effect is often the exact opposite of the type of stimulation the establishment promotes.  Many folks in government believe that jobs can only be created by the largest corporations and hence should receive preferential treatment and handouts compliments of the American taxpayer.  But many of us know better and we realize now that the “trickle down” effect is a just farce that is used to divert even more of Americans wealth out of our country and into the hands of the largest corporations.

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Do As I Say And Not As I Do! Or Else!

In fact, it was the emergence of large monopolizing global companies that has destroyed so much of what made America unique.  Millions of small mom and pop type shops, farmers, fisherman, domestic manufacturing and entrepreneurial types have been destroyed by goliath corporations who have monopolized the economy and concentrated most of the world’s wealth into the hands of a few unscrupulous individuals.  It was Jay Gould, one of the earlier railroad barons who stated that “he could hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”.  And it appears as though he wasn’t kidding. Keeping billions of dollars in our own neighborhoods would allow normal folks to start businesses, to buy vehicles, to travel, to make home improvements, to buy new homes, to pay for their own medical insurance.  The benefits are just too numerous to list all of them in such a short space.

But in addition to making more money available to average citizens and money that they’ve actually earned themselves. Ending prohibition would have many other positive effects that have now been proven in those states that have already moved towards more intelligent marijuana laws. Long vacant warehouse and retail spaces are now in demand and are actually in short supply in those places that have legalized marijuana production and sales.  A shortage of warehouse and retail space leads to new construction and more jobs.  The result of course is lower unemployment and more tax revenues generated for the state.

Ending prohibition would free up valuable LE resources that can then be used to focus on crimes with victims.  Reducing the number of otherwise law abiding and tax paying citizens that are taken off of the tax rolls and converted into prisoners and wards of the state frees up more resources that can be used for more intelligent and constructive endeavors.  Locking up bread winners and heads of households in prisons has the additional negative effect of converting their families into welfare recipients as well, further increasing the strain on state and local budgets.

Prohibition is dangerous and destructive.  It has degraded all of our personal property rights and has led to the creation of a deadly full blown industrialized legal home invasion industry.  Upwards of 40,000 legalized home invasions now occur in the United States every year.  And otherwise peaceful and law abiding people are being killed and maimed in the process.  So even if no other benefit came from ending prohibition, strengthening our private property laws and eliminating the possibility of more innocent victims being harmed should be enough to justify finally bringing these vicious practices to an end.

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Bad Mommy! The “war on drugs” and its backers are responsible for 40,000 legalized home invasions each year in America alone. And more often than not, marijuana is used as the sole justification. What’s wrong with this picture?

Penalties for marijuana consumption are severe because they are based on marijuana’s classification as an Schedule 1 drug. This designation states, among other lies, that marijuana has no medical use or benefit. The existence of literally 1000s of marijuana related patents, studies, reports, and recommendations by experts of all description, prove with overwhelming evidence that marijuana has numerous, and significant medical and health benefits.  Therefore there’s absolutely no justification for marijuana to be listed as a Schedule 1 substance, nor for imprisoning people based on these same blatant lies. If you are still in doubt, do a quick search for US Government Marijuana Patent # 6630507 and keep in mind that this is just one of hundreds just like it.