Cooking With Marijuana

Hello and welcome to MJLINKS Cooking Corner. Featuring some of the best tasting and simplest recipes that incorporate marijuana, canna butter, or hash oil to make a happy occasion an even happier and healthier occasion. Eat, Giggle, and be Merry!

This guide is designed to give you some of the best marijuana recipes that are both very easy to make and extremely delicious. Cooking with Marijuana doesn’t have to be difficult!This simple cannabis cooking guide provides two basic marijuana infused ingredients that most marijuana recipes utilize: butter and oil. Then, we incorporate them into simple every day goodies sure to take you to new heights. From college stoners looking for some dorm room munchies to the sophisticated toker hosting a weekend dinner party, each recipe requires minimal preparation and a minimum of common everyday ingredients.

As you work through our marijuana cookbook be sure to remember that marijuana edibles can be quite potent. Even the most seasoned tokers can be thrown for a loop when consuming too much THC. As a general rule, 10-25 milligrams of THC is relaxing for about 8 hours. We encourage any edible enthusiast to take it slow and ignore the temptation to binge until several hours have passed and the full effects of your edible have taken shape.

Many of our recipes can be worked into your meals which is why we also urge you to label the edible containers as such. Eat and be merry but be sure to do so with a full belly of food complimented by a small amount of your edible du jour. Never, ever, mix your edibles with, painkiller, or other types of medication. The long list of undesirable side effects common with alcohol and big pharma meds can lead to undesired effects, thus ruining your edible experience. And before we release you into the edible blue yonder, be nice to the non-stoners around you and never feed them any type of cannabis edible without disclosing it first!

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