Sheriff’s Group Opposes Marijuana Decriminalization Efforts

A group of sheriff’s have reaffirmed their opposition to marijuana legalization efforts and are determined to keep marijuana illegal. They have apparently become very protective of the ill gotten money flowing into their coffers, and the never ending stream of easily managed, tax paying citizens filling their private prisons.

And why not? the current forfeiture laws are a literal goldmine for LE agencies around the country. A seed or a stem is currently enough to justify a full blown home invasion or confiscating someone’s vehicle to pad a lux pension fund.

And in the process, gold, jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, and even peoples homes can be taken from them and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. The cash can then be used to attend a “street survival seminar” conveniently located in close proximity to 5 star resort locations all over the country. The enrollment form even asks if the attendees spouse will be attending (an official training seminar), another question asks, “how many times have you attended our street survival seminar, please check 1-25”. How many times does a person need to attend the same course before they finally get it?

But it gets even better than that. Confiscated cash can be used for travel expenses, to fund pensions with many currently set at 90% of salary,  to purchase questionable military style or eavesdropping equipment, to make office renovations, to purchase vehicles for employees, to fund office parties, and all sorts of other goodies.

Big pharma is also known to be very generous with entities who oppose decriminalization and who protect their future goals of monopolizing marijuana and turning it into another $1,000- pill.

What exactly is the fascination with herbs anyway, if its not the money that prohibition generates?

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