Alcohol Causes Brain Shrinkage

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Around the end of 2014 the American Medical Association’s journal “Archives of General Psychiatry” published a propaganda piece claiming that marijuana caused brain shrinkage in regular users. But it was later discovered that the Australian outfit who was responsible for producing the false report apparently failed to include critical information in its “study” before announcing its final conclusion.  This isn’t surprising to anyone who is already familiar with the AMAs antic and its supporters.

But not long afterwards an amazing thing happened! One of the most respected scientific establishments on the planet, the Journal of Neuroscience duplicated the study. But unlike the sham that was earlier by the AMA, the study conducted by the Journal of Science included alcohol use in its testing parameters. And what they found was completely contradictory to the AMAs claims.

The Journal of Neuroscience did note brain shrinkage in some of the test subjects. But in the control groups where only marijuana was used, no brain shrinkage was found. The only instance of brain shrinkage found was in test subjects who used either alcohol exclusively, or alcohol in combination with other intoxicants. But brain shrinkage was not found in any of the test subjects who used marijuana exclusively, whether infrequently or daily.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Go ahead, it’s ok, I promise your brain wont shrink, and in fact according to other reputable reports your brain could actually grow new neuron connections!

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