Marijuana, Big Pharmas Next $1000- Pill?

While millions of lives are ruined through the blatant lies of prohibition, big pharma as if by magic “discovers” “new” cannabinoids and creates several varieties of synthetic marijuana knock offs.

But how can this be you say? If marijuana has no medical benefits as evidenced by its decades long classification as a Schedule I substance. Then how is it even possible that big pharma and co has received not 1, not 100, not 1000, but 1600+ medical marijuana related patents.? And how is it possible for big pharma to have “discovered” anything about marijuana let alone develop multiple synthetic concoctions while even the mere research of marijuana has been banned for close to a century now?

Is the current situation evidence of a massive collusion by various elements of the establishment to prevent mainstream Americans from profiting or benefitting from our nations number one cash crop. Have these same individuals colluded to terrorize average Americans while allowing their friends at big pharma to gain what appears to be a decades long head start ahead of everyone else? Or is big pharma’s claim that it takes 20+ years of research and development to bring a new drug to market also a blatant lie used to justify obscene profit margins to the detriment of society as a whole?

When does the class action lawsuit begin? I’ll be the first to sign up. And when do the trials at the Hague in Geneva start? Surely the actions of the individuals responsible for this dark episode in Americas history constitute crimes against humanity on a massive scale. How else can you describe a situation where a tiny handful of individuals who owns a pill factory is rewarded with exclusive rights and protection to research marijuana while others are threatened with violent raids, death and Orwellian style prison sentences, all based on lies, fear, threats and propaganda?.

Every one of the 1600+ medical marijuana related patents that’s been granted in the past 90 years should be reversed. And all information used to gain those patents should be placed in the public domain in an open source type of directory for everyone’s benefit. This would be a major first step to making amends and reparations to the millions of individuals that were harmed or killed as a result of prohibition.

Marijuana is a gift from the gods, a product of evolution and mother nature, it does not belong to any one man or woman and is a valuable resource that belongs to everyone on the planet. Mother nature needs no improvement from big pharma and co!.