Rastafarianism – The Religion Of Peace On Earth

Many folks mistake Rastafarianism as a culture of “potheads” and “druggies” But that couldn’t be farther from the truth and in fact most practicing Rasta’s refrain from using toxins and hard drugs such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and even caffeine, and tobacco.

Marijuana is viewed as a spiritual substance that expands the mind and provides prophetic insight into the world around us and all of the obscure layers that might not be as obvious while in a “normal” consciousness or state of mind.

Marijuana floods the mind with questions, answers, options, and clarity that otherwise might not be as obvious without the use of marijuana’s spiritual and intellectual elevation of the mind.

Rastafarianism is a respect for the earth and fellow mankind. It is the belief that god and mother nature has provided everything we need for a healthy and fulfilling life. That the earth should be respected and preserved for future generations. The movement frowns on material possessions, and the restriction of beliefs or movement by other men, it respects other cultures and their right to believe and worship as they choose. It is the religion of peace and respect for man and our planet.

Rasta’s normally refer to marijuana or cannabis as “ganja”. They view it as a tool to meditate rather than a substance to be used as an intoxicant. The Rasta’s abstinence from other intoxicating substances is evidence of their genuine beliefs. Although Rastafarianism is a relatively new movement when compared to some of the older Abrahamic and other religions, it is nonetheless a very real movement based on a very humble, respectful, and earth friendly belief system. If everyone on the planet was a  practicing Rastafarian, things like war, terror, and the rampant pollution would be no more.

Even though everyone could learn something from the Rasta, the Rastafarian lifestyle might not be for everyone. Most Rasta’s adhere to a very strict diet that is mostly vegetarian. They will eat some seafood but even then there are strict rules.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Rastafarian lifestyle should consider taking a trip to Jamaica. Although the consumption or possession of small amounts of ganja has always been tolerated on the island for the most part. Jamaica has recently moved towards legalization starting with a medical marijuana program first.

Jamaica claims to be working towards implementing a program that will offer reciprocal permits to visitors with existing mmj card holders. This should completely eliminate the possibility of any legal issues should you decide to partake while visiting this awesome island paradise.

Jamaica is also home to the annual Sumfest, a collection of some of the greatest Reggae stars on the planet, so if you like smoking marijuana and listening to reggae, while surrounded by tropical breezes and copious amounts of sunlight, then Jamaica might just be your thing!.