Au Naturale Or Synthetic? Feinstein & Grassley On Legal Weed

Two confused relics from the dinosaur era are still vehemently opposing the re-legalization of  marijuana, for everyone except of course their friends at big pharma. I’m not sure what these individuals fascination is or why they seem to show favoritism for the synthetic marijuana market. But considering the facts and thousands of years of human history, the publics health doesn’t seem to have anything to do with.

To our knowledge, there has been no deaths involving marijuana overdoses in over 5,000 years of recorded history. If we missed one please feel free to forward that information along to us so that we can insure that future reporting on this topic is accurate.

Synthetic marijuana is an altogether different story. Several deaths have already occurred and have been confirmed to have been caused by side effects or adverse reactions to marinol and other synthetic big pharma concoctions. Several other deaths are currently suspected of being related to synthetic marijuana as well and are currently being “investigated”. The market for synthetic versions of cannabis is still in its infancy stages and the body count has just begun! How many thousands of people will have to die before these products true dangers are finally acknowledged? How did they even come to market considering the “lack of substantial or long term studies proving their safety and efficacy”?

Many supporters of prohibition can normally be found to have links to the private prison industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or big brewers. In other words they have zero credibility and shouldn’t even be given “airtime” to continue preaching their dangerous propaganda. They are apparently willing to ignore facts and science and instead continue pushing frauds and fallacies while insisting that the drug war must go on.

Granted that a “war on some drugs” complete with 40,000 ultra violent legalized home invasions every single year must be making a handful of individuals obscenely wealthy. But it has had the opposite effect on the majority of the population who really matter (mainstream America).

The time for death, destruction and the waste of billions of dollars of our childrens future earnings has came and gone. And the time for saner, more civilized and less hypocritical policies is long over due. Its time for the last of the dinosaurs to go the way of their fellow predecessors and find a good tar pit to jump in. Where are all of the good asteroids when you need one?

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