Marijuana Legalization Concerns International Drug Body

The Vienna based International Narcotics Board opposes marijuana legalization efforts. Luckily for us the USA is a sovereign nation who’s citizens decide their own laws. Their concerns parrot the same ridiculous excuses and lies that we’ve all become so tired of hearing. More claims of inadequate testing and not enough understanding of the effects, blah, blah, blah. Yet somehow while facing inadequate testing and studies, hundreds of marijuana related medical patents have been granted and big pharma & co. has already managed to bring several synthetic marijuana concoctions to market.

The University of Mississippi has been growing marijuana and studying its medicinal effects on a large scale for 46 years now. Israel has been studying it for just as long and has become the predominant player in the medical marijuana industry. They’ve used various forms of it to treat a variety of medical issues for decades.  The same can be said of many other countries around the world. There is no shortage of marijuana research. A quick google search for the keywords “marijuana research paper” yields over 2,000,000 results. Expanding your search efforts to other outlets and additional keywords produces millions more.

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