One Person Dies Every 10 Seconds From Alcohol Overdose WHO

The World Health Organization reports that one person dies from alcohol overdose every 10 seconds, surpassing the number of deaths caused by AIDs, tuberculosis and violence combined!

Why do our elected neighbors not show the same concern for a literal epidemic of alcohol related deaths as they do trying to regulate non toxic herb’s such as marijuana? Wheres the outrage? Where are the calls for tighter regulations and more oversight? Why the silence while 3.2 million people per year overdose on booze?

If the prohibition of marijuana is out of concern for the publics safety then why does alcohol not receive the same treatment? If you exclude the number of deaths caused by big pharma’s synthetic “marijuana”, the number of total recorded deaths caused by marijuana in 5,000 years of recorded history is zero. So in the next 60 seconds, alcohol will have killed more people than (natural) marijuana has in 5,000 years!

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