Geneva Moves To Legalize Cannabis

It hasn’t been long since Geneva decriminalized marijuana possession by adults over the age of 18. As of Oct. 01, 2013, the possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis became a civil offense similar to a traffic ticket with a 100 Franc fine ($112 USD).

Now just 14 months later Switzerland is making history in an attempt to once again make the recreational use and cultivation of marijuana legal for adults. The minister of the health department fully supports the move citing UNICEF and other studies that prove that legalization leads to a reduction in the use of hard drugs as well as marijuana itself.

The Netherlands and Colorado have had similar results. Both have reported lower consumption rates of hard drugs such as booze and heroin along with violent crime that is normally associated with these types of substances. The Netherlands experience is even more because they’ve been experimenting with legalization and decriminalization for decades. And the trend of hard drug use has been consistently lower during the entire period.

A report by the RAND corporation even goes so far as to state that once marijuana is legalized again, the reduction is alcohol use will be in the high double digits. The obvious benefits would be less violence, less damage to public property, less accidents, a healthier population and less strain on already limited health resources. Prohibition is a complete failure on so many levels that no sane individual could honestly support it any longer.

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