DEA: Warning! Stoned Bunny Rabbits Pose Threat To Mankind

Im not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy skit or if the anti marijuana crowd is just getting that desperate now. But DEA special agent just warned the Utah State Senate (yes at an official hearing no less!) that allowing individuals to grow marijuana outdoors could have dangerous and potentially terrifying results.

He claims that if citizens are allowed to grow marijuana outdoors that wildlife would get stoned and lose all fear of humans. If true, this is pretty serious stuff and could lead to potentially horrific scenes of bunny rabbits gang raping Bambi or possibly all out granola warfare between bunny rabbit and mankind. Oh the horror, and even worse we apparently pay these people a very generous salary for their “expertise”.

So lets get this straight, the fracking oil companies contaminating our water supply with toxic, flammable chemicals no problem!, untested GMOs contaminating the worlds heirloom crops no problem!, mercury in our vaccines, also not a problem, but all natural, non toxic marijuana is a threat to our national security if control is taken from criminal organizations and ceded to America’s hard working citizens? Sure.

If you cant beat them with facts, baffle them with bullshit!

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