Drug Education 101 – Booze Is A Drug

cs marijuana education 2

“Marijuana is rarely if ever the only drug involved in a drug abuse death. Thus … the proportion of marijuana-induced cases labeled as ‘One drug’ (i.e., marijuana only) will be zero or nearly zero.” 2003 – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Alcohol is a drug.

Wheres the Booze!

The photo to the right is a propaganda piece from the “Just Say No!” era. You may have noticed that alcohol is mysteriously absent from the image. This is despite a report by one of the global health agencies that places alcohol as number two on the list of the worlds most dangerous and destructive drugs. Heroin was at the top of the list and marijuana was somewhere towards the bottom next to caffeine. Many argue that because of marijuana’s non toxic nature and numerous health benefits that it shouldn’t have been included on the list at all.

This is hypocritical brainwashing at its finest. But its not working anymore! Is there still any doubt who the most aggressive proponents of marijuana prohibition are? Big pharma, big my-pharm-blog.com and the private prison industry like things just the way they are.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so as a matter of fairness and instead of boring you with excessive rhetoric we’ll share a few images with you instead.

cs boozer enjoying adult beverage

Group of friends enjoying an “adult beverage” followed by the customary fist fight.

cs customary drugs served at business meeting

Consuming drugs at a business meeting. But what about the drug test?

cs doing drugs in sparkly fancy glasses

Women consuming drugs out of fancy crystal glasses. Just Say No! or not.

cs couple enjoying adult beverage

Happy couple enjoying an “adult beverage”. Does it look like they’re having fun yet?

I’d just like to interject a few comments before we proceed with the pictorial. To begin with, alcohol is a drug! Alcohol is not only a drug, but its a toxic drug that induces violent and irrational behavior. In fact, according to the record keepers (WHO, CDC, UN, LE), alcohol is responsible for 40-60% of all violence, including domestic violence and violence attributed to inanimate objects. Additionally, alcohol has had a devastating impact on our federal healthcare system and is the most common drug associated with suicides.

So why don’t we all stop pretending that alcohol isn’t a drug and that it somehow deserves a special category of its own. If it wasn’t for the special interest groups vast fortunes and aggressive lobbying, alcohol would be called what it is, poison. A “hangover” is just a cute name for alcohol poisoning. Now back to our reality based pictorial!.

cs classy drug user note extended pinky finger 200x300

Classy woman drinking drugs. Note: The extended pinky finger doesn’t change the fact that booze is a drug.

cs seniors sampling drugs at drug den 200x300

Bartender pouring a glass of drugs for two elderly drug users. Are you stoned yet honey? Let’s box!

According to an in-depth report released by the US department of Health and Human Services: http://oas.samhsa.gov/2k7/youthFacts/youth.cfm

4,348 children will try Alcohol for the first time today. Thousands of these children will die every year due to alcohol overdose.

3,577 children will try Cannabis for the first time today. None of these children will die from cannabis overdose according to the CDC and other official record keepers. In fact not one soul has ever died of overdose due to marijuana consumption.

Furthermore, according to the UN, WHO & CDC’s statistics, 40-60% of all violence is related to alcohol use. Violence statistics related to marijuana use are virtually nonexistent.

cs boozers being boozers 300x266

Boozers being boozers!. Burp, puke, fart.

cs say no to alcohol 300x266

Just Say No! Alcohol is classified as a poison.

Well we hope you had fun with todays lesson boys and girls! And I hope you come back for more later as it will take some time to undo 90 years of dangerous lies and bullshit. Stay tuned for more details!