Washington, DC Marijuana Legalization Measures Underway

Confused authorities suggest Maryland and neighboring states will see an increase in pot coming into their own states as a result of legalization measures moving forward in our nations capitol.

But legalizing marijuana doesn’t increase the number of users, just like prohibition hasn’t decreased the number of users. It just keeps all of the money in our own neighborhoods. The market has always been here, just as its been for 5,000 years of recorded history. What legalization does do, is it allows local residents to capitalize on and profit from an existing industry that only criminals profited from while prohibition was in place.

Amsterdam’s long term experience with decriminalization has shown that legalization decreases the number of users of harder drugs over the long term. The experience in Colorado is showing the same trend, as more time passes, the number of overdose deaths from toxic drugs such as alcohol and prescription pain medications has decreased.

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