Looking Back, MJLinks Top Ten Marijuana Strains of 2015!

dispensary display of marijuana varieties

Marijuana dispensary retail display with large variety of pre-packaged marijuana strains.

Even in the continued repressive shadow of federal prohibition, the marijuana industry is flourishing and continues to blossom. Many new and unique marijuana strains continue to be developed on an almost daily basis. So standing out from the crowd and establishing a strain as a staple in the marketplace can be quite an accomplishment in itself, let alone becoming one of the top ten preferred varieties.

On a recent trip out west we asked several hundred dispensary employees and their patrons about which strains were their best sellers or favorite smokes. The following consistently ranked in the top ten with the # 1 spot being the most popular by nearly a 2-1 margin.

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Some of these varieties are relatively new (i.e Girl Scout Cookies), while others have been around for several decades (Durban Poison, Jack Herer). Most of the top varieties are on the potent end of the scale, so newbies should consume in moderation (one or two puffs should do).

So without further ado, here are the top ten strains in America in 2015!

10 – JACK HERER – Fittingly named after the author and activist Jack Herer. This sativa strain is lofty, and energetic, and brings out the best in everyone. Its flavor is generally described as being on the sweet side, combined with spice, pine and skunk. Popular both in medicinal and recreational circles, Jack Herer has won the hearts of many and has become a mainstay in the marijuana culture.

9 – GOLDEN GOAT – Sativa dominant hybrid originating in the mid west USA. Powerful, smooth, creeper. Fruity, fresh, and smooth tasting. Go easy on this one as its effects can sneak up on you. Uplifting in the beginning, followed by a sedative effect as time passes. Popular for pain and insomniacs.

8 – TWISTED PURPLE OG – Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel x OG Kush hybrid, the best of three worlds. Light purple nugs, sweet & sour taste, heavy body high, euphoric, another strain thats popular for pain and insomniacs.

7 – HEADBAND – Another high quality hybrid that quickly found its rightful place on the “top shelf” of most dispensary’s worth their salt. Heady, heavy, potent, popular for pain management and recreational use. This is a good choice if you plan on staying in for the night and becoming one with the couch. Double up on the munchies beforehand.

girl scout cookies_marijuana strain_350x240_mjlinks

Marijuana Strain “Girl Scout Cookies”

6 – GIRL SCOUT COOKIES – The first time you smell this strain you might think there was a bakery nearby. Another exceptional hybrid and this one smells and tastes like cookies! Provides an inspirational, motivational yet relaxed experience.

5 – ISLAND SWEET SKUNK – Sweet, powerful Sativa strain. Classic skunk fragrance with citrus or lemonade like flavor. Upbeat, energetic, pairs nicely with Reggae music, fried conch, and white sands.

4 – GORILLA GLUE #4 –Sticky, gooey, potent sweetness. Winner of several awards and claimed to be one of the most powerful strains in existence with THC levels regularly testing in the 20-33% range. This hybrid can be overpowering for newbies. Complex odor & tastes like it smells, pungent, pine, citrus, earthy with chocolaty undertones.

3 – DURBAN POISON – Sativa. Originating from Durban South Africa. Many who smoke early in the day claim that this strain is their favorite. It is uplifting, euphoric, and inspiring. Popular staple in the Amsterdam coffee shops. An oldie but a goody, has been topping the list for decades. Sweet, fruity fragrance and taste.

FLO_marijuana strain_350x208_mjlinks

Marijuana Strain “FLO”

2 – FLO – Euphoric, cerebral stimulation. Hybrid provides a good heavy body buzz without turning you into a marshmallow. Long lasting and uplifting, Another favorite for daytime users. Clean pine and earthy smell with lemony after taste.

1 – BLUE DREAM – Perfect example of hybrid weirdness!. Smells like blueberries and tastes as good as it smells. Used both medicinally and for recreational, purposes. Provides cerebral stimulation followed by relaxing body high. Popular strain for anxiety and mild pain management. This one is almost too good for mere mortals!

A few other top marijuana strains worthy of notable mention include Master Kush (indica), Train Wreck (hybrid) Sour Diesel (sativa), OG Bubba Kush (hybrid), & Chem Dawg (hybrid).

The sheer number of available varieties can be overwhelming. In fact when visiting a place like Colorado, or Washington for the first time, one of the first problems marijuana tourists will face is deciding which strain and even which form to try first. There are so many varieties available that almost every shop is guaranteed to have a marijuana strain that the last one didn’t have.

The variety of quality oils, waxes, rubs, edibles and handmade domestic hashish are also quite impressive and would make even a seasoned visitor to Amsterdam jealous!

Here’s just a small sample of the varieties that were available as of winter 2015. Most (dried mj flowers) cost between $10-$12.00 per gram with some ranging as high as $18.00 per gram with ounces in the $175.00-$275.00 range.



















As you can see theres a lot of options, so many that on any given day you could probably find hundreds of different strains in just one large cities marijuana dispensaries.