Marijuana Trivia & Fun Facts!


Learn marijuana trivia and other fun marijuana facts.

Marijuana Trivia and Marijuana Fun Facts

Following is a list of interesting marijuana trivia and other facts about marijuana that you may not be aware of. We hope you enjoy!

1 – Hemp is the low THC version of marijuana. In colonial times hemp could be used to pay ones taxes!

Cannabis Oil Elixir

Cannabis Oil was a commonly prescribed cure for a variety of ailments.

2 – Before prohibition, various elixirs and medications containing marijuana could be ordered from the Sears & Roebuck catalog.

3 – Marijuana is America’s largest cash crop, surpassing both corn and wheat combined. The estimated value of Americas existing recreational marijuana industry exceeds $35,000,000,000 (35 billion dollars) per year.

4 – In early America, hemp or low THC marijuana was recognized as such an important and integral part of society that citizens were actually required to grow it.

5 – According to scientists, marijuana causes the brain to create more neuron connections, enhancing some of the brains basic functions (like thought, and rationalization).

cs penguin hallucination 20409795

Penguins don’t smoke marijuana, but if they did they would have more neuron connections.

6 – Contrary to the prohibitionists propaganda and fear tactics, marijuana is not a hallucinogenic.

7 – There are over 6,000 recognized strains of marijuana.

8 – Many Presidents, members of royalty, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and other famous people have admitted to consuming marijuana.

9 – Hemp has 1000’s of uses, including boat sails, saddle blankets, linen quality cloth, diapers, candles, therapeutic rubs, food, fuel, paper, strong composite materials, and more.

10 – Hemp, marihuana, hanesha, ganja, canamo, dhaka, chino and indo are all names or slang words for the same plant, Cannabis.

11 – Henry Ford crafted car bodies from a composite made from hemp. He even powered his vehicles from fuel made out of hemp.

12 – Many Europeans were able to survive the great famines of WWII by eating “hanesha cakes”, cakes made from the pulp of the cannabis seed. The highly nutritious cakes were then eaten raw or fried in hemp oil.

canstock hemp seeds hearts

Hemp is a powerful health food.

13 – Cannabis (aka marijuana, hemp) contains all 21 amino acids, a high percentage of easily digestible proteins as well as the perfect balance of rare, cancer fighting, Omega 3 & Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

14 – During the same period of time that Americans were being penalized for using marijuana, 1000’s of medical marijuana related patents were granted by the US Patent office.

15 – The US Government has been studying marijuana on a 12 acre marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi since 1968. They supply marijuana to less than ten patients.

cs african dagga dakka 8446047

Africa’s weed is definitely under rated!.

16 – In South Africa and other parts of the dark continent marijuana can be requested with sign language. Extending the left hand out with palm facing the sky, the right hand is then formed into a fist and a grinding motion is made in the open palm.

17 – Humans have been using marijuana for as long as history has been recorded.  Hemp fibers have been found in artifacts dating back 10,000 years. Medicinal or ritual use is referenced in documents dating back more than 4,500 years ago.

18 – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. They knew that separating male and female plants would increase the THC levels, the ingredient that gives marijuana its intoxicating effect.

19 – The “war” on marijuana costs the US taxpayer in excess of $135,000,000 (135 million dollars) when interdiction, prosecution, and incarceration activities are included. The actual cost to society is much higher when other damages are factored in such as lost tax revenues and the cost to support a family when the main bread winner and taxpayer is incarcerated driving the entire family into poverty.

20 – Marijuana was outlawed because it threatened the profits of the pill barons, big brewers, cotton growers, pulp and paper industries. Powerful lobbyists from these industries purchased Henry Anslinger to use as their personal mouth piece.

21 – According to the US Department of Health and Human Services report found at 4,348 children will try Alcohol for the first time today. Thousands of these children will die every year due to alcohol overdose. 3,577 children will try Cannabis for the first time today.  None of these children will die of cannabis overdose according to the CDC and other official record keepers. In fact not one soul has ever died of overdose due to marijuana consumption.

22 – No less than 30,000,000 in the US alone consumes marijuana.

23 – Although the body count for big pharmas synthetic marijuana knocks off are already piling up. Natural marijuana has never killed a single soul in all of recorded history. Not even the Center for Disease control will dispute this normally hidden jewel of significant importance.

cs thc cannabinoids 12507067

THC, The missing link in the cure to cancer?

24 – Cannabinoids are rare in nature but marijuana contains over 65 varieties. The human species has evolved with Cannabis (marijuana) as an important part of our diets. The presence of cannabinoid receptors in every human is evidence of this.

25 – If you’ve ever watched a pharmaceutical commercial on tv and noticed the long list of scary side effects, marijuana doesn’t include that list.

26 – According to US Government Marijuana Patent #6630507, Cannabis (marijuana) acts as a powerful Antioxidant (promotes the ejection of toxins from the body via urination). The same patent also stats that marijuana is an effective prophylaxis against a wide variety of oxidation associated illnesses (aka old age diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

27 – The word “hangover” is just a cute name for chemical poisoning, specifically alcohol poisoning. A similar word or condition does not exist in the marijuana vernacular.

28 – The consumption of marijuana promotes neurogenesis, or in other words, the production of new brain cells.

29 – Numerous studies have shown that marijuana kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

30 – Credible studies are showing a substantial decrease of suicides in areas where marijuana has been legalized.  This is probably because less people are drinking alcohol in these areas, and alcohol is a major contributor to suicides.

31 – Thomas Jefferson once stated that “some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and seeing as far as the eye could see”.