Activities & Things To Do In Washington

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in Washington.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in Washington ranging from the tame to the extreme!

cs seattle mt rainier washington usa

Mt Rainier Seattle, Washington, USA

Glass Pipe Blowing Classes

boro school

Glass Pipe Blowing – Click for more details.

Offering several levels of instruction from beginner to advanced.  A variety of classes are offered with many focusing on glass smoking accessories.  Large studio with classes starting on a regular basic.  Special events, guest artists and parties are also available.

Give them a call or check out their website for schedules, pricing, and class information.

Glass Blowing Classes

rainier glassblowing activies

Glass Blowing Classes – Click for more details.

A wide variety of classes are offered here and there rates are some of the best we’ve found.  Conveniently located near the Seattle airport.  The studios hours of operation are limited so make sure to check their website or give them a call to make sure they will be open.  Current schedule is wed through sun, 11am-7pm.

Year round weather permitting.

Glass Blowing Classes

pilchuk glass school

Glass Blowing School – Click for more details.

One of the most well known glass blowing schools in the country.  Featuring a large full blown campus with lots of different things going on here.  This is basically a glass blowers community with artists who live here year round.  In addition to glass blowing glasses, a variety of special events are also hosted here throughout the year.  Many famous glass blowers came from this school.

See their website for more details such as location, schedule and costs.

Kangaroo Farm & Animal Park

outback kangaroo farm things to do in washington

Kangaroo Farm – Click for more details.

Providing kangaroo and animal tours in a relaxed and laid back environment.  In addition to kangaroos current residents included alpacas, peacocks, wallaroos, ostriches parrots and more.  Group tours are welcomed.  Offers exotic egg and animal sales.

Please visit their website for more details and tour hours.

Horseback Riding & Fishing

things to do in wa horse back riding

Outdoor Adventures – Click for more details.

Fun outdoor adventures.  Camping, hiking, biking, hour long or all day horse back outings, fishing and outdoor barbeque.

More information can be found by visiting their website.

Boat Ride on Amphibious Vessel

ride the duck things to do in seattle

Things to Do in WA – Click for more details.

Take a boat ride on a real life WWII amphibious landing craft.  Loads of fun and a reasonably priced adventure.  Offers private tours and group rate discounts.  See the Seattle waterfront, Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market and downtown shopping district from the safety and comfort of an amphibious assault vessel.

More details such as departure times, ticket prices and other information is available on their website.

Free Root Beer Tasting

root beer store things to do in washington state

Root Beer Tastings – Click for more details.

Providing the worlds largest selection of root beer and root beer inspired munchies.  Free tasting on site, how to make root beer classes, special events, tours, home brewing supplies, ice cream & more.  Featured in several high profile media sources and loved by all.

Make sure to view their website for even more delicious details including locations, hours of operation and special events.

World Kite Museum

world kite museum activities in wa state

Go Fly a Kite – Click for more details.

If you like kites your going to love this place.  Featuring some of the strangest and most beautiful kites from all over the world. 1500 models from 26 different countries to be exact.  Learn about the history of kites and how they were used in war, industry, and recreation.  Make your own kite and fly it on the same day.  Annual kite festival and special events.

See their website for much more detailed information including hours of operation, special events and more.


Glass Crafting Classes

northwest art glass

Northwest Art Glass Classes – Click for more details

This is a well known, large glassblowing studio.  Offering torchwork, flameworking, fusing, stained glass instruction and more.  Private and group classes are available.  Workshops and special events are also scheduled throughout the year.  Learn how to turn a blob of glass into a functional items or work of art.

See website for more details such as class schedules, operating hours, cost, events and more.