Activities & Things To Do In Pennsylvania

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in Pennsylvania.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in Pennsylvania ranging from the tame to the extreme!

cs chinatown philadelphia pennsylvania

Chinatown Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Glass Center

pittsburgh glass center

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Pittsburgh Glass Center is a modern, high tech public access school, it offers professional instruction of a wide array of glass crafting techniques.  Classes for hot, flame, kiln and cold working are offered.  Private or group classes.  Special events, workshops and open houses.  Studio rentals available.

See website for more details about class schedules, cost, special events and contact details.

Mutter Museum & Human Oddities

mutter museum things to do in pennsylvania

Mutter Museum in PA – Click for more details.

If your in the mood for the strange and unusual the Mutter Museum has plenty of weird for everyone. See a cross section of Albert Einstein’s brain, a full size plaster cast of Chang & Eng Bunker, the famous Chinese Siamese twins, a wall full of skulls with some that defy explanation, or stroll through the medicinal plant garden. There’s lots of interesting things to see here with many permanent exhibits as well as special exhibits that are always changing.

See their website for event information, location, hours of operation an other important details.

Philadelphia Zoo

philadelphia zoo things to do

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One of the oldest and most prestigious zoo’s in America. The Philadelphia Zoo has been thrilling visitors since the mid 1800’s. With a vast array of domestic and exotic animals on display, everyone is sure to see some amazing creatures from all over the planet. While you’re there have a snack or a full meal at the zoo/s main eatery. The zoo also offers internships, as well as opportunities for volunteers wishing to donate their time.

Visit their website for more details about exhibits, special events, hours, and directions.

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

pittsburgh zoo

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Featuring thousands of animals representing more than 400 species with 22 being threatened or endangered. Youre sure to see some things here that you wont see in many other zoo’s. Behind the scenes tours are offered and are reasonably priced if your going with some friends that will split the cost.  Special events, classes, on sight instruction and even overnight stays are available.

Check out the website for more information such as hours of operation, cost and driving directions.

Riverboat Tours, Music, Dinner & More.

riverboat tours pennsylvania

Riverboat Tours, Dinner Cruises, & Music – Click for more details.

Take a cruise on one of only 7 genuine paddleboats still in operation in the United States. Cruise down the Susquehanna river basin and see the countryside from a whole new perspective. Relax, have a meal and enjoy the scenery.  And if you still need more at the end of the day make sure to inquire about the Susquehanna River School. The school is a unique floating classroom experience that teaches about history, ecology and environmental issues facing the Susquehanna river region.

Take a few minutes to visit their website to learn more about the Pride of the Susquehanna including cost, schedule and location.

Glass Blowing Classes

east falls glassworks philadelphia

Glass Blowing Classes in PA – Click for more details

East Falls Glassworks is a public access glass crafting facility. They offer private instruction, group classes, workshops, studio rental, and works for sale by local glass artists. Learn how to create beautiful works of art like vases, bowls, ornaments and many other items. If your just curious and would prefer to watch for a while, youre welcome to do that too. A special viewing area is set up so visitors can watch local artists turn blobs of glass into functional items or even museum pieces.

Check out the website for more details including class schedules, costs, operating hours and diving directions.