Activities & Things To Do In Florida

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in Florida.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in Florida ranging from the tame to the extreme!

cs hillsboro lighthouse pompano beach

Hillsboro Lighthouse Pompano Beach, Florida

Airboat Rides

boggy creek airboat rides florida

Airboat Tours of Florida – Click for more details.

When in Florida do as the Floridians do! Take an airboat ride and see the everglades up close and personal. Besides offering a unique perspective that cant be experienced by bus or cruise ship, airboat rides are just a lot of fun. Both day time and night time trips are offered and are surprisingly reasonably priced.

Visit Boggy Creek Airboats website for more details such as schedule, cost, options, and locations.

Glass Blowing Classes

cs glass blowing classes florida 9712390

Glass Blowing Classes Florida – Click for more details.

Learn from a master with professional instruction in a variety of glass crafting techniques.  Make jewelry, utilitarian items, decorative art pieces, and more. Classes are available for the beginner to advanced student. Private and group classes are available. Great way to meet new people while learning an interesting skill and having fun.

See website for more details such as class descriptions, hours, cost, and driving directions.

Mechanical Bull Riding

cs best bbq in florida 6573604

Mechanical Bull Riding, Food, Music – Click for more details.

This place is famous and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.  In addition to live music, awesome food and an outrageous décor, they also have mechanical bull riding! So heres your chance to be a cowboy if only for a few minutes.  Ride a real life mechanical bull.  The girls love it. The guys are welcome too if they dare.  Everyone needs to try this at least once!.  Tuesdays are “Any girl in lingerie riding the Mechanical Bull drinks for FREE all night!” night.

Check the website for menu, location, and current hours of operation.

Glass Crafting Classes

Mcmow Art Glass Activities in Florida

Stained Glass & Fused Glass Instruction – Click for more details

Learn to make beautiful stained glass and fused glass objects such as windows, plates, platters, wall hangings, jewelry and other utilitarian and artistic creations.  Catering to the beginner through advanced students with private and group lessons offered. Free demonstrations, workshops and other events are also available.

See website for more details such as class schedule, cost, hours of operation and contact details.

Swamp Buggy Rides

cs swamp buggy rides florida 9291075

Florida Swamp Buggys – Click for more details.

This is just as much fun as an Airboat ride but at a much slower pace. If you’re into laid back adventures or like to see wildlife in its native habitat then don’t miss out on this one. See bear, deer, Florida panthers, alligators, birds of prey, and possibly dozens of other endangered species that inhabit these areas.

Check out Captain Steve’s website for more details about all of the services they offer. Reservations can be made and tickets may be purchased online.

Crystal River Manatee’s

cs florida manatees crystal springs 3088814

Manatees in Crystal River Florida – Click for more details.

Manatee’s up to 14 feet long and 1800 lbs converge on this area in large numbers throughout the year but especially in the winter months. Swim, snorkel or scuba dive in crystal clear waters that percolate through the sandy bottom at a steady 72f degrees year round. There are lots of other interesting activities in this area as well. From hiking to biking, fishing, kayaking tubing and more.

Live River Cam Homosassa River

A large directory of professional manatee tour guides, accommodations, and other  local attractions can be found on the provided link.

Florida Caverns State Park

cs florida caverns state park 0466256

Florida Caverns State Park – Click for more details.

There aren’t a lot of caves in Florida that aren’t completely submerged under water. But these are high and dry and filled with natural wonders such as stalactites and stalagmites. It is also the only cave on Florida Park Lands that offers guided tours to the public. The area is home to surreal looking natural springs with amazing clarity and colors. Camping, fishing, horseback riding (bring your own), biking and canoeing are permitted.

See website for more details such as hours of operation, fee’s, location, and contact information.

Free Munchies!

burritos mexican grill

Things to do in Florida – Click for more details.

As amazing as this sounds its true.  Order an 8lb Mongo Burrito and if you can eat it in less than 1 hour not only is it free but so is one dinner per month for an entire year.

Be sure to visit their website to view the entire menu along with the current hours of operation.

Unusual & Exotic Menu

clarks fish camp

Yummy Gator Toes – Click for more details.

If you’re looking to satisfy some weird cravings and want to try some truly unusual food items, then look no further.  Featuring such delicacies as fried alligator toes, fried ostrich, gator eggs, smoked eel and fried snake.  The menu is varied and reasonably priced.  The restaurant is casual and located on the water.

See website for complete menu and hours of operation.

Murder Mystery, Dinner & Train Ride

murder mystery train ride

Train Rides – Click for more details.

This is a combination adventure, you get a mystery, dinner, train ride and awesome scenery as an added bonus.  Special events are available around the holidays but book up fast so you’ll have to reserve early.  Trains leave regularly so finding one to suit your schedule shouldn’t be a problem. Reservations and ticket purchases can be made online.

See their website for current schedule, special events, menu and rate information.