Activities & Things To Do in California

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in California.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in California ranging from the tame to the extreme!

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Santa Monica, CA

Zipline, Pan for Gold, Gemstone Mining

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Zipline, Gemstone Mining & More – Click for more details.

If you’re looking for an all around outdoor type of adventure then this place has a little bit of everything. Ride a 1/4 mile long zip line at 40 mph, hunt for gemstones, go spelunking, pan for gold or have a picnic.  Hiking trails are also available.  Year round adventures with something for everyone. Check out the website for more details such as days and hours of operation, cost, full list of activities, directions and more.

Glass Blowing Classes

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Glass Blowing Classes in California – Click for more details.

The Public Glass Center is a public access, non profit glass crafting studio. They provide private and group lessons taught by local and nationally known instructors. They also offer workshops, demonstrations, special events, studio rentals and corporate team building events. Come for a day or visit frequently. In addition to learning interesting skills, and meeting new people, glassblowing is fun and can be turned into a lifetime career.

Visit their website for more details such as class schedule, location, contact information, and operating hours.

Bungee Jumping

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Bungee Jumping California – Click for more details.

One of the oldest bungee clubs in California.  More fun than skydiving and half of the cost.  Daytime or nighttime bungee jumps with overnight trips available.  Over 150,000 successful jumps and counting!  Adrenaline, equipment and professional instructor included in cost.

Check out their website for schedules and more details.

Disc Frisbee

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Disc Golf Frisbee In CA – Click for more details

Disc Frisbee or Frisbee Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in America.  It incorporates frisbee, golf, beautiful scenery and a laid back activity that’s sure to keep you entertained all day long.  And with courses available in literally every state, everyone can find a Disc Golf Course near their home. Open year round, weather permitting.

Visit their website to find the disc golf course closest to you.

Clay & Metal Jewelry Classes

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Things To Do In California Jewelry Making Classes

Learn to make jewelry using silver metal clay,  wire, and other mediums.  Make rings, bracelets pendants and ornamental jewelry pieces.  Instruction from beginner level to advanced classes are offered.  Large spacious studio with experienced, professional instructors.

See website for rates, class offerings, location, hours of operation and more.

Good Food, Better Karma

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Karma Kitchen California – Click for more details.

As the website states, “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you.  To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you.”  This is a unique eatery who amazingly still trusts in their fellow mankind.  Pay what you can afford.  If you can pay more then don’t be a scrooge, give a little extra and help the next guy or gal out.  Some people just cant find a break no matter how hard they try so your generosity will be truly appreciated.  Awesome food with an equally awesome staff.

Visit their website for more details, including hours of operation, driving directions and menu sample.

Dinner & Train Ride

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Train & Dinner Ride – Click for more details.

All aboard the dinner train. Features food, shows, murder mysteries and a great way to see some spectacular scenario. The Sierra Railroad was formed in 1897 to connect the Central  Valley to the Gold County.  It is the third oldest railroad in North America, the Sierra continues to haul freight, passengers, make Hollywood movies and play an important role in California’s economy.

Check out the website for train schedules, ticket pricing, special events, depot location and other important details.

Panning for Gold

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Panning For Gold – Click for more details.

Mining, barbeque & other fun activities.  The camp is located in a very scenic area and has crystal clear waters, waterfalls, a swimming hole and excellent fishing opportunities.  Pan for gold, look for gemstones, have a fish fry, camp by the river or rent a cabin.  Extended stays are available.

Visit their website for more information including days and hours of operation, driving directions, and more.

All You Can Eat Brazilian Steak House

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All You Can Eat Steak – Click for more details.

Churrasco means barbeque but that doesn’t do this place justice.  Offering top cuts and pork, poultry and beef carved right at your table.  Cooked the old fashioned way, on skewers and over an open pit fire just like the south American Gauchos used to do.  And the best part is that they’ll keep bringing it as long as you keep eating it.  Featuring many scrumptious side dishes as well as one of the largest salad bars in the country.  If you’re in California and have a serious case of the munchies you wont be disappointed here.

Check out their website for more details such as full menu, hours of operation and location.

All You Can Eat Brazilian Steakhouse

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All You Can Eat Steak – Click for more details.

This is another well known Brazilian steak house that shouldn’t be missed.  Serving up prime cuts of beef, pork, poultry and seafood direct to your table.  A full salad bar and impressive line of first class deserts are also available.  This is heaven for people with big appetites, those suffering from a serious case of the munchies or those who just enjoy a nice gourmet meal with lots of options.

Check out their website for locations, full menu, and operating hours.