Activities & Things To Do In Georgia

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in Georgia.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in Georgia ranging from the tame to the extreme!

cs cloudland canyon state park georgia

Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia USA

World’s Longest Zip Line

zipline georgia banning mills

Zipline & Rock Climbing Wall in Georgia – Click for more details.

Featuring the worlds longest zip line canopy tour and the worlds tallest free standing rock climbing wall. Both have been certified by Guinness World Records. Other adventures and activities are offered. Come for a day or stay for longer and make a vacation out of it. Food, lodging and other services available either on site or close by.

See website for more details such as operating hours, calendar of events, driving directions, fee’s and other pertinent information.

Glass Blowing Classes

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Glass Blowing Classes in Georgia – Click for more details.

Learn to make utilitarian, and artistic creations such as beads, vases, bowls, wall hangings, jewelry, centerpieces, and more.  Learn glassblowing, glass fusing and other glass crafting techniques from professional instructors. Private and group lessons are available. This is a great way to try something interesting while meeting new people.

Visit website for more details such as pricing, classes, workshops, special events, and contact details.

Pendergrass Flea Market

pendergrass flea market georgia 1

Pendergrass Flea Market in Georgia – Click for more details.

This is not your average neighborhood flea market. Covers over 1/4 million square feet with over 700 booths. Entertainment, hot food, farm fresh produce, live animals, electronics, antiques and pretty much anything else you can imagine can be found here. Carnival rides, pony rides, petting zoo, mechanical bull, video arcade and too many other to list.

Be sure to take a look at Pendergrass’s website for more information about operating hours, location,vendors, and other important information.

Georgia Aquarium

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Georgia Aquarium – Click for more details

Have lunch with the fishies in one of the worlds most unique food courts. This is a top attraction and one of the best aquariums in the country. They have dolphin shows, manta rays, sharks penguins, and even sleepovers! Lots of programs and special events are offered. A great way to spend a relaxing lazy day.

See website for more information such as special offers, operating schedule, cost, menu, special events, and address.

Fernbank Natural Museum of History & Imax Theatre

cs fernwood museum natural history 0282289

Fernbank Museum of Natural History – Click for more details.

Fernbank Natural Museum of History is one of the top ten dinosaur museums in the world. The floor alone is amazing, consisting of over 40,000 limestone tiles loaded with fossils from the Jurassic period dating back 150 million years. Fernbank Natural Museum of History also manages a 65 acre old growth hardwood forest in the middle of metropolitan Atlanta. And even if dinosaurs and old bones aren’t your thing, the Imax theatre features a 72 ft wide x 5 story tall screen with amazing effects and sound and is worth the trip alone.

Visit their website for more details such as Imax movies currently playing, operating schedule, cost, driving directions and more.

Ancient Mayan Ruins – Kenimer Site 9

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Camping, Hiking, Site Seeing – Click for more details.

This was a well hidden secret and the main archaeological ruins have been off limits and kept from the public ever since their discovery. The “established” scientific community debates the Mayan connection because the existence of the ancient settlement, Kenimer Site 9 doesn’t fit the accepted model. But some of the pigments found at the site have been tested and are genetically connected to pigments found at some of the confirmed and admitted sites farther south. If such a major community existed here then surely there are other outposts and related structures in the area that are still waiting to be discovered. The exact location is near Georgia highest mountain, “Brasstown Bald” in White County Georgia. The site has been dated to around 900 ad.

There are lots of places to hike, bike, fish, camp or view wildlife nearby. Some offer cabin rentals. We have provided a link to one of the more popular campsites in the area.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

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Train Rides in GA Blue Ridge Scenic Railway – Click for more details.

Take a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and see parts of Georgia that many never get to experience. This is a 26 mile, 4 hour round trip excursion starting in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The train stops in McCaysville, GA or Copperhill, TN where riders can exit  the train to eat lunch, shop, or just have an ice cream and enjoy the peace, quiet, and fresh air. Both climate controlled and open air cars are available.

Check out their website for ticket pricing, schedule, contact details and other important information.

SAM Shortline Railway

cs sam railway train rides in georgia 5769803

Train Rides in Georgia – Click for more details.

Touring the countryside by train is one of the more leisurely and relaxing modes of travel. And traveling by rail will let you see the land in a more natural setting. Unlike the highway administration that landscapes the roadsides as if they are preparing for guests, the railways don’t normally receive the professionally designed scenery treatment, so things are normally just how they were 100 years ago. vintage train departs from five different stations located throughout southern Georgia.

See the website for more details such as depot locations, train schedules, ticket prices, special events, and more!

All You Can Eat Japanese Sushi

cs maru sushi all you can eat georgia 6559201

All You Can Eat Sushi Georgia – Click for more details.

Maru Sushi is one of the more popular Japanese sushi buffets for locals in Atlanta. The prices are reasonable, the food is fresh and the selection is varied. Would be a good deal even at twice the price.

See website for more information such as menu, pricing, driving directions, hours of operation, and current specials.

Georgia’s Best Barbeque

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Best Barbeque in Georgia – Click for more details.

Williamson Bros has been specializing in old style southern barbecue for close to 25 years now and has just about reached perfection. Many agree that Williamson Bros offers the best barbecue ribs in Georgia. A large, varied, reasonably priced menu is provided. Catering is also available for parties, or other special events.

Check out the website to see their full menu, hours of operation and directions to the location nearest you. This one is worth a drive.