Activities & Things To Do In Arizona

Below you will find a neatly organized list of interesting activities and things to do in Arizona.  Foodies, adrenaline junkies, sports fanatics, tinkerers, or those looking for something a little more laid back are sure to find an activity here that will suit their tastes.  There are many interesting things to do in Arizona ranging from the tame to the extreme!

cs bright angel trail grand canyon az

Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

Desert Botanical Gardens

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Arizona Botanical Gardens – Click for more details.

There are lots of strange and alien looking things to see here. From towering brightly colored flowering cactuses to plants that look like your better off not turning your back on.

Tours, demonstrations, weddings, and special events are held here.  Special education programs and classes are also offered. See website for calendar of events and daily operating schedule.

Glass Blowing Classes

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Glass Blowing Classes in Arizona – Click for more details.

Offering a variety of classes ranging from beginner to advanced.  Glass blowing workshops and events are also available for partys and group gatherings.  A mobile hot shop is available for special events.

Check out their website for the full schedule and calendar of events, directions, contact information and more.

Drive Thru Animal Park

cs bearizona things to do in arizona 2737875

Drive Through Safari in Arizona – Click for more details.

This is one of the more reasonably priced yet interesting things to do in Arizona.  And with this activity you don’t even have to get out of your car except to buy the tickets.  Count your fingers and keep your arms and legs in the car once you enter the park.  Its a wild world out there and you might come back missing a appendage or two if you don’t follow the rules!.  Bears, buffaloes, mountain lions and wolves are just a few of the critters wandering around this drive through safari park.

Check the website for current schedule.

Live Music, Beer, Dancing and Bull Riding

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Music, Food, Bull Riding Arizona – Click for more details.

Strap on your boots and hat and be a cowboy if only for a few hours.  Many a famous folks have walked through these doors including Garth Brooks, Leann Rymes, Tanya Tucker and Willie Nelson the stoner country music star! Free dance lessons on Thursday and Sundays.  All you can eat fish on Fridays.  Live bull riding on Wednesdays and Fridays.

See website for calendar of events and operating hours.

Painting Classes

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Painting Classes In Arizona – Click for more details.

Free your artistic spirit and paint something.  This is a good way to meet new people while expressing your inner creativity.  Classes include a free glass of booze.  And depending on your fellow classmates consumption, song and dance frequently follows.  Get loose, grab a brush and release your inner Van Gogh (no ear removals allowed at this particular school).

Check the website for current calendar of events and class schedule.

Africa in Arizona

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Out Of Africa Wildlife Park – Click for more details.

Spend a day at one of the top zoo’s in the country.  Focusing on large impressive animals from the African continent.  Take a safari, kiss a giraffe, watch a show featuring giant snake’s & tigers or participate in a special event or activity.  This place is loads of fun and has something for everything regardless of your age.

Visit their website for more details such as show times, special events, entrance fees and hours of operation.

Pottery Classes

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Pottery Classes In Arizona – Click for more details.

Got Pot?  Learn to make awesome clay pots, water pitchers, planters and other interesting items for fun or for profit. Both private and group instruction is offered. This is also a good way to get out and meet new people in a relaxed setting.

Check out their website or call for current schedule, pricing, driving directions and other pertinent details.

Disc Golf

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Disc Golf Courses in Arizona – Click for more details.

Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in America.  It incorporates frisbee, golf, beautiful scenery and a laid back activity that’s sure to keep you entertained all day long.  So if you’re an active individual that is looking for things to do in Arizona this might be for you.

Disc Golf Courses are located all over the nation. Visit the website to find a location in the state nearest you.

Day At The Zoo

cs wildlife world zoo and aquarium arizona S1142061

Wildlife World Zoo And Aquarium Arizona Zoo – Click for more details.

With over 6,000 animals in their care this is one of the larger zoo’s in the country.  And its not just a zoo but a public aquarium too.  Lots of special events throughout the year and no shortage of interesting things to see and do on your visit.  Your never too old to spend a day at the zoo.

Make sure to check the website for rates, hours of operation and schedule of events.

All You Can Eat Brazilian Steak House

cs fogo de chao arizona 10991572

All You Can Eat Brazilian Steakhouse – Click for more details.

This is one of my all time favorite restaurants and is guaranteed to satiate the most extreme case of the munchies.  Its not your typical all you can eat affair with low quality food or items intended to fill you up quickly.  This is top quality prime rib, top sirloin, filet mignon, and 13 additional cuts of meat right off of the grill and brought to your table.  Their menu also includes scrumptious seafood items and a fully stocked salad bar.  Liquor is available for an extra fee.

Check out their website for full menu, locations and hours of operation.  This one is guaranteed to please.